July 15, 2004

So i don't draw

But I try--a lot.
I have this weird condition.
My head knows my fingers don't make pictures.
But my fingers don't know that.
So I get these irresistable urges to draw something.
And I ususally try.

Don't laugh.

Ben. Attempt the first.


Ok. So maybe you can laugh.


Ben. Attempt the second.


Embarrassing Truth: I danced a little dance. And I cried. Yes. Cried. It's...a big thing for me. "Drawing" was a euphoric term for the little girl me. "If only I could draw..." I know it sounds silly, but it felt like tonight, in a silly little way, on a scrap of manilla paper, I did that. I *drew* I looked, and I thought I saw Benjamin there on that piece of paper. And I put him there. So I danced.

I know many of you are artists. But I couldn't help posting my one itty bitty little doodle. Yeah, I'm a perfectionist, and I can very clearly see that the sketch is pretty bad. But that's the grown-up me, and she doesn't care right now. The little girl inside is very happy with her picture and wants to hang it on the refrigerator....with those jumbo plastic alphabet magnets. And if you give me the whole alphabet, I promise not to spell derogatory names for my little sister this time :)

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